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The EUDY Jr. Camp 2016’s theme is “Diversity Among Us”. The aim of this camp is to unleash the creative potential of our different cultures and traditions within the Deaf community, and to ensure that these differences enrich and strengthen us, instead of dividing us. The campers will be challenged to explore differences in behaviors, traditions, cultures and norms within the Deaf community, and to analyse the important roles the Deaf communities have in promoting a more diverse world. Awareness and respect of our human rights is essential in creating strong leaders who can work together towards a better world for the Deaf and sign languages. At the conclusion of the EUDY Jr. Camp, all participants will have a gained a better understanding of how to integrate their knowledge of the differences in cultures, norms and traditions in the real world.


The EUDY Jr. Camp 2016 Logo reflects the theme and location of the camp. The theme “Diversity Among Us” is represented by the colors of the rainbow, and the camp location is represented by a well-known Scandinavian symbol: the Viking helmet with horns, which is surrounded by the EU stars. 

COC (Camp Organising Committee)

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